Weight of wind power generators

Solar, wind, hydro and other non-fossil sources of electricity.
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Weight of wind power generators

Post by Noob0123 » Oct 12 2020 8:41am

I am quite curious why are wind power direct-drive generators so heavy? A 10 kw one can weight up to 100kg.
Is it because they have to be wound for extremely low kv?

But permanent magnet ones are essentially bldcs (for instance, ebike hub motors).
The rpm difference there is just x3. Yet they are ~20 times heavier.

Thanks! And sorry if this is a stupid question, I just couldn't find any explanation.

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Re: Weight of wind power generators

Post by john61ct » Oct 12 2020 10:39am

Because they are designed for decades of continuous service

and stationary, no need for light weight as in mobile applications.

They do make light ones for recreational sailboats.

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