Why doesnt prismatic pouch batteries come up in these conversations about batteries.

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Why doesnt prismatic pouch batteries come up in these conversations about batteries.

Post by Wheelzscootersinc » Jan 10 2021 10:35am

Why doesnt prismatic pouch batteries come up in these conversations about batteries. They are in my opinion some of the most sensible batteries with the best efficiency as far as use of available space. But if ypu want to talk technical battery quality look into dr. Goodenoughs (creator of lithium ion) and his protoge's glass battery. I am working with his protoge to make a practical everyday non military use in the very near future (electric scooters) This tech is by far the most powerful and long ranged batteries existent. Check into the research it shows that a cell almost 1/5 the size of a standard 18650 lithium cell can produce the same and even more voltage and amperage if pushed and it boasts a ridiculously fast charge time with insane range. Sorry if im repeating myself but my goal is to make it possible for people who dont have 3 grand around to get a high speed scooter that isnt complete Crap. My goal is within reason and can be achieved with some work however finding the finances to do this is hard so I wanted to see if I could get the best bang for my buck then I came across a local project that turned out to be similar to glass battery. After much.research I found out about the glass cells and found that they will be cheaper stronger longer lasting and at a fraction of the size of whats available now. So now im playing waiting game for thengood ole doc to hit me back up saying its go time so we can essentially make the most exoensive part of a scooter more affordable thus helping achieve my goal. Granted its only part of my goal because there are more ways to get the scooter manufacturing and eventually the MSRP down without sacrificing quality. So eventually you will see my end game become a reality. In the meantime if you are in silicon valley and have a pev come check out my new shop in San jose called wheelz. We sell high end scooters and service service and modify all types makes and models of pevs. We offer custom high quality batteries 3d carbon fiber printed parts custom fabrication and we do all types of repairs including the more technical stuff like firmware and controller reworking motor rewrapping and splicing and so much more. Its a small shop but dont let that fool you we are raising the bar and going to be sure to become a household name.
Come visit or if you arent local send a text to the following number if you have any questions or inquiries

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Re: Taking Charge: Let's Develop the Products That We Want!

Post by Hillhater » Jan 11 2021 5:02pm

I think that would be classed as a commercial advertisement cleverly cloaked in some propaganda about an unavailable battery technology.
Come back and let us know the full spec and price of these wonder cells, ....
.....but not until they are commercially available .! :roll:
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