2021 Qulbix Q140MD Core e-bike: new set-ups, new price

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2021 Qulbix Q140MD Core e-bike: new set-ups, new price

Post by Qulbix » Jan 25 2021 11:59am

Hi everyone,

Each year we upgrade and evolve our products and taking your requests into account, we decided to offer new options for the 2021 Q140MD Core. These options are e-bike builder friendly, as you can pick and choose the options you like and need or take the bike without them. Most often you requested to have the bike without the battery, so this is now an option. For further customisations options, you can contact us at info@qulbix.com.

You can now get the Core WITHOUT THE BATTERY, BMS and other components for:
3.700,00€ without VAT (for non-EU customers) or 4.514,00 € (VAT included for EU customers).

Take a look at what's new in the 2021 Core version:

And here are all the options the Core has to offer:

Have a lovely evening.

The Qulbix Team
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