48v , 60 v , 72v 80A BT programmable e-bike / e- scooter brushless electric motor controller

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48v , 60 v , 72v 80A BT programmable e-bike / e- scooter brushless electric motor controller

Post by Mikelon » Feb 19 2021 2:59pm

Up for sale year brand new Bluetooth programmable (via an iOS or Android app) 48v, 60v, 72v 80A brushless sensored motor controller with high power Mosfets.

The controller can be purchased from here:


This 80A programmable controller can be used with 48v, 60v or 72v (maximum 85 volts) battery packs.

Any other "irregular" voltage (like 50v or 58v, 64v or any other voltage is also accepted by this controller, therefore it will work with any voltage range from 40v to 85v).

Nominal power: 3000 watts, maximum power output: 6700 watts.

With programmable regenerative braking function ((level can be selected or it can be switched off).

This is a high quality programmable brushless motor controller with a professionally developed smartphone app (for iOS and Android) with a lot of programming options which can be programmed on the go. Also it shows on the smartphone app current speed, voltage, current, battery capacity, controller temperature, trip distance, e-brakes turned on etc.

IT HAS SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF FAULTS - it will show on a smartphone display within seconds if there is any problem with the throttle, Hall sensors etc.

It has a boost mode for maximum increased torque and also high speed mode for up to 130% of the maximum speed. Everything is programmable via a smartphone app.

Please, note that this controller is primarily designed for a sensored brushless motor. There is 100% garantee that it will work with any brushless sensored motor. It can propel any brushless Hall-sensored e-bike motor, an outrunner motor, an inrunner motor etc.

However there is not 100% garantee that it will work with a sensorless motor type, more likely it will not work with a sensorless motor. As stated, its primary function is to work with a motor which has Hall sensors.

Every cable on this controller is correctly labelled, for ease of understanding during connecting.

Technical specifications:

Rated Voltage: 48v to 72 v
Rated (battery) Current: 80A (higher in Boost mode)
Constant (nominal) motor phase current : 160A
Peak (maximum) motor phase current 210A
Recommend motor: from 500w to 5000w
Supported Speed: > 50 000 rpm
Working Temperature: from -30℃ to +120℃, automatic cut off at 120℃
Working temp. at full power: from 0℃ to 80 ℃
Brake simul. signal and pedal signal voltage: 0 - 5 volts
Input power of electric lock: 200mA
5V hall sensor current: 30mA
Standby Power consumption: < 3 Watts

Other features (adjustable / programmable):

. regenerative braking
. motor lock function
. manual cruise function
. auto cruise function
. 3 speed function (50%, 80%, 100%, 130% or other setting)
. PAS (pedal assist) function
. EBS brake function
. hard or soft start choice function
. reverse function
. neutral function
. forward/reverse function
. speed limiting function
. anti-theft function
. low voltage and protection from overvoltage
. overheating protection
. throttle error protection during start
. throttle error protection during run

Here is a youtube link for viewing settings:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8qyG5c ... e=youtu.be

This controller is fully certified (CE, OQC etc.) and complies with all EU and international standards and regulations about electronic and Bluetooth ecquipment.

All the relevant information about wiring, connecting and using the controller will be provided. Of course the app, and the user manual for it will be provided too.

If needed, I can also provide help with initial setup and any related questions.

PRICE: £175 (GBP), excluding shipping cost.
Item location: United Kingdom.

Tech support (advise, guidance, manuals, help via phone conversation) is provided.

Please, feel free to ask questions.

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