Vesc hgltech 75v 200amps

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Vesc hgltech 75v 200amps

Post by tailele » Mar 20 2021 12:00am

Good morning bus, i m news, and i m trying ti build a e-bike with this vesc... Now i connect motors, One rear and One front correctly...but i miss to connect the throttle and the brake. Really the throttle works, but the brake not verry well.
I connect :
Throttle , Red to 5 v , black to gnd and signal to ADC
Brake , One cable on ADC 2 and the second cable to 3.3v..

I m wrong ? I don t find a wrong diagram so for me It Is difficult. Thanks a lot

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Re: Vesc hgltech 75v 200amps

Post by Hayds13 » Mar 20 2021 6:54am

This might help....Ebike Throttle and Brake Connect to VESC and Parameters Setting Tutorial | Flipsky

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Re: Vesc hgltech 75v 200amps

Post by district9prawn » Mar 20 2021 7:08am

You should connect the throttle 5v to the vesc 3.3V supply. This way you will keep the signal value below the maximum of 3.3V.
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