PEM Hydrogen fuel cell - alternative catalyst

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PEM Hydrogen fuel cell - alternative catalyst

Post by Deathwishm » Mar 31 2021 3:58pm

Good day

Im new to EVs and such.
I was looking at PEM fuel cells and was wondering is there any other catalyst one can use except platinum? its very expensive and i want to build a DIY prototype and see if i can make one work using alternative catalyst. is it even possible? most people use Platinum coated nickle wire as it is the most effective and reactive metal for PEM FCs but i cant find info on other metals used as cats.

i suspect silver or copper might work but i cant seem to find more info on how different catalysts affect the voltage of the cell.

my goal is to make about 0.5V per cell and then see if i can scale it up into something usefull as an at home experiment.

Also where i live i cant seem to find anyone selling components even remotely related to PEMs so ill have to make everything myself.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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