bafang bbs02- intermittent assist

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bafang bbs02- intermittent assist

Post by vadosb » Apr 05 2021 7:10am

I'm having several issues with my Bafang bbs02. Since they appeared at the same time I hope they are linked:
- when the assist starts the motor very often chatter (even on the flat)
- sometimes when I stop pedaling the assist stop (as expected) but does not start back. The throttle is not working neither. I have to power off and on the battery (not working if I only power off the display). It happened that the assist works again without restarting the battery after riding on a hole or something that cause the bike to vibrate a lot.
- I have the feeling that the assist is less effective than before: on the climb to reach my home I fall from 23km/h on average to 19-20km/h.
From my search on the internet I have the feeling that it could be because off the PAS or the controller. Is there anyone who experienced the same issues and found the cause?
Thanks a lot for your help.

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