Wanted: ELTEK flatpack S 1000w 24v

Looking for something? Need a special part, but can't find it online anywhere? Post what you need, maybe others will have it to sell.
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Wanted: ELTEK flatpack S 1000w 24v

Post by Doctorbass » Jun 10 2021 12:22pm

If you guys have one to offer let me know.

Not the HE serie but the S serie.


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Re: Wanted: ELTEK flatpack S 1000w 24v

Post by cheapcookie » Jun 14 2021 1:10am

Hi I'm also in the market for a flatpack 48v what are the differences between them in terms of current and voltage program which ones are the good ones? thanks dr bass!!!!!
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Bradz estuff   1 mW

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Re: Wanted: ELTEK flatpack S 1000w 24v

Post by Bradz estuff » Jun 14 2021 1:49am

Hi mate I've got a whole bunch of altech stuff including those parts that you want plus a whole bunch of other bits and pieces I'm located in South Australia if you're interested let me know
This is most of full setup
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