Wind turbine at 1 m/s

Solar, wind, hydro and other non-fossil sources of electricity.
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Wind turbine at 1 m/s

Post by Generator » Nov 28 2021 2:44am Delivers power at 1.2 m/s

They have raised more than $7 million till date. Just wondering, what are your thoughts?

Earlier I shared Ducted wind turbine video from Winergy, which claimed they produce power at 1 m/s depending on size.

Flower turbine guys saying they can do at 1.2 m/s, which is world record. Expert comments?

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Re: Wind turbine at 1 m/s

Post by Hillhater » Nov 28 2021 4:46pm

Nothing new there..
...its just a version of the Savonius turbine old as the wind power industry.
...i wonder why no one has bothered to use it commercially ?? :wink:
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Re: Wind turbine at 1 m/s

Post by Jim Subzero » Dec 01 2021 1:35am

Factlet: 1 m/s is about equal to 1 parsec/eon, which is more cosmic and inspiring.

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Re: Wind turbine at 1 m/s

Post by topspeed » Jan 08 2022 1:58am

1 m/s has very little energy...the gail wind that brought water on the streets of New York was peaking 62 m/s second...that has 37.44 times more energy than 10 m/s wind.

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