Dongguan Huanhuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd - absolutely to avoid

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Dongguan Huanhuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd - absolutely to avoid

Post by Elektrosherpa » May 11 2022 5:45am

The "Dongguan Huanhuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd" from Guangdong, China
has fooled me badly with a battery purchase:

I ordered a 72V 54Ah battery for my electric motorbike conversion,
and clearly told them I need a battery capable of 150A continuous and 300A peak discharge,
with separate ports for charging and discharging.

The battery was promised to arrive within 40 days, in reality it arrived after more than 90 days.

Left was their product photo on Alibaba, and right what I received:
Battery Offer and Received.jpg
Battery Offer and Received.jpg (182.21 KiB) Viewed 63 times
When I opened the battery, I found a very poor BMS, for only 63A discharge :
Battery-badBMS.jpg (337.75 KiB) Viewed 63 times
After the first attempt to plug in the delivered discharge connector, this was the result:
PLUG BATTERY SELLER-text.jpg (258.58 KiB) Viewed 63 times
After adding decent Anderson connectors for discharging,
on the first test ride the BMS started smoking after less than 1 mile,
and when I opened the battery again, I found the BMS was toasted:
BMS-burnt area.jpg
BMS-burnt area.jpg (106.31 KiB) Viewed 63 times
And even worse:
Alibabas customer support was not helpful at all.
Although I proved all my claims with fotos and screenshots of the sales chat,
they didn't force the seller to pay back a considerable sum.
No comment on the apparently false product pictures (they are still online today when I write this).
No comment on the weak BMS-the seller just said "it can deliver the power", and Alibaba accepted this statement.

All the seller offered was 50$ refund.
Alibaba added 100$.
So in the end I got 150$ back (total purchase costs 876$ !!)

I can use the battery now, because I have bought a decent BMS for another 200$, and replaced the garbage BMS by myself.

I also had to rebuild the top battery cover, because the one they had put didn't offer enough space for the new BMS-
mainly because of the embedded handle (not showed on the product photo).
For more details about the whole story, see my build thread.

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