Seoul Cycle Design Competition winner....

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Seoul Cycle Design Competition winner....

Post by michaelplogue » Nov 25 2010 9:00am

Winner has been announced for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, which closed for entries back in July. I had considered throwing something together for this, but had found about it too late in the game. ... test_pk=33

I'm almost glad I didn't, as I think I would have been very disappointed. I have to say that I'm unimpressed with their selection for the grand prize - touted as "Bike 2.0" which in my opinion is very unimaginative and too reliant on 'vapor ware' components.


There were a couple of other entries where the designers put a lot of thought into practicality and integrating realistic technologies that - in my opinion - would have been much better choices for the grand prize winner.



Even though there's a lot left out of this design - engineering wise - I particularly liked the looks and overall concept of this monocoque reverse trike design.


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Re: Seoul Cycle Design Competition winner....

Post by torker » Nov 25 2010 10:01am

I guess maybe they wanted super simple :? I love the 3rd- with the stripped bikes up top. Although it looks like they stole Greyborgs design and no way they are going to fit 24 cells in that space. Would be a rocket though. Now the tadpole would be cool. I like :mrgreen: Like you said though- a lot more engineering. How does it steer? Who judges these things anyway. You entering in 2011? Although I can see why you wouldn't if some artsy-fartsy type is judge :roll:
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Re: Seoul Cycle Design Competition winner....

Post by John in CR » Nov 25 2010 12:34pm

Yeah, that tadpole is slick. Just add a removable faring with a similar design scheme for inclement weather or high speed road rocketry and I'd like it even more. :mrgreen:

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Re: Seoul Cycle Design Competition winner....

Post by MadRhino » Nov 25 2010 6:51pm

I've had a look at them all. This one would be my choice:

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