Great News for Me

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johnnythefox   1 mW

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Great News for Me

Post by johnnythefox » Jun 12 2012 1:10pm

They say I"m cancer free :D
flip side to this is I still may have to do radiation an/or chemotherapy
Well at lest there is more to look forward to, an not just a hole in the ground 8)
Will know more after the 13th when I go back to see the doctor....
I'm still on this side of the grass so all is well for now. :lol:

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Ypedal   100 GW

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Re: Great News for Me

Post by Ypedal » Jun 12 2012 1:18pm

that's great news !!!.. ( or .. better than the potential worst news you could have gotten ! :shock: )

good luck man . 8)
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Re: Great News for Me

Post by jonescg » Jun 13 2012 11:40pm

Every day above ground is a good one :D

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