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Re: Endless-sphere Timeline.

Post by Miles » Mar 12 2014 1:02pm

teslanv wrote:I'd like to learn more about exactly how Justin Saved the forum. Which topics should I be reading?
There's a summary, here:
http://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/vi ... =1&t=30741

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Re: Endless-sphere Timeline.

Post by swbluto » Aug 02 2016 12:25pm

amberwolf wrote:Although I'd venture at least 10%, maybe twice that, are spammers (whether they've ever posted or not, since some just create a member profile with a link to their spamsite). :lol:
X-rumer is a popular forum software that will automatically create profile links with new forum accounts on common forum platforms (Like, whatever this is.). There's a couple of other ones that do it (Like Se-Nuke), but X-rumer is the king.

It's a part of 'link building' in an effort to get better google rankings. I'm not sure if those techniques are used as often as they once were as google's algorithm has really changed in the past few years.

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Re: Endless-sphere Timeline.

Post by Ypedal » Aug 02 2016 12:59pm

and php forums are getting less popular with FB taking over.. :cry:
ES site status page:

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Re: Endless-sphere Timeline.

Post by markz » Apr 17 2017 7:17pm

frock Facebook!
I am currently using my real name on there but never post anything on my account, just use it to message people that are infrequent acquaintances.

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