Long-distance e-bikes

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mrbill   10 kW

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Long-distance e-bikes

Post by mrbill » May 30 2014 5:54pm

My bikes are set up for riding long distances, usually greater than 50 miles (80km) and as much as 200 miles (322km) in one go. This requires large-capacity batteries and careful mounting to carry the weight of them without degrading bike handling and also careful attention to aerodynamics to get good efficiency.

I typically get 10-15 wh/mi (6-9 wh/km) with average speeds in the mid/high-teens (mph) (20-32 km/h), depending on amount of climbing.

Photo albums of my e-bikes can be seen here:
http://mrbill.homeip.net/albums/powerPu ... index.html
http://mrbill.homeip.net/albums/powerGo ... index.html

My e-bike web page can be seen here:

While the following rides are on the long end of what I often do each weekend, they give you an idea of what's involved.

200 miles in one day on the Davis Double Century held out of Davis, CA:
http://mrbill.homeip.net/bikeBlog.php?2 ... 2014.05.17

And, last weekend I rode a two-day tour across the Sierra Nevada mountain range and back:
http://mrbill.homeip.net/bikeBlog.php?2 ... 2014.05.25
http://mrbill.homeip.net/bikeBlog.php?2 ... 2014.05.26

Is there anyone else out there on E-S who enjoys similar riding on their e-bike?
Bill Bushnell
Bike build thread can be seen here.

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dogman dan   100 GW

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Re: Long-distance e-bikes

Post by dogman dan » Jun 01 2014 10:43am

Freaking awesome man. I do a few longer rides a year. But 60 miles a day is more my distance.

http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewto ... =6&t=59084

I can see I'll be spending some time looking at your blog. I knew when you stated your wh/mi it had to be a bent. My monster of a bike is doing great if it gets 25 wh/mi.

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