Experience with ebikeparts.at

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Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by eTrike » Jun 22 2019 6:33am

I needed two small items to complete a build that has me waiting on parts from 5 different countries to continue a trip in Europe... long story. I wish I would have found ebikeparts.at sooner as they would have saved me a lot of time (thanks Merlin for the tip!), but was just treated to an exceptional exchange that I would like to share.

Basically I paid using a method that for some reason on their site the total was miscalculated by 10€. Since the two small items I ordered amounted to about €50 shipped I would expect any company to either cancel the order or contact to request payment remediation which would be fair but in my case would add to a delay that is much more concerning to me than the cash.

Instead, I got a note saying they were processing the shipment and no worries on the payment difference!

(I thought it wasn’t strange on checkout but figured it was a shipping method difference and also everything was in German so I was translating bits to know where to fill in billing address etc so for all I know I could have agreed to selling my first born as I was not translating everything)

They’ve just earned a ton of respect, and I’m sure he still made a dime. Full kudos to ebikeparts.at for excellent customer service, fair prices, and fast shipping!

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Re: Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by izeman » Jun 22 2019 7:20am

Thanks for sharing that. It's always good to hear good feedback as well, as it's almost always the bad stuff that's talked about. :thumb:

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Re: Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by Armicb » Jun 24 2019 6:56am

I bought a Cyclone from them and my experience has been 100% satisfactory. :bigthumb:

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Re: Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by wojtek » Aug 07 2019 1:51pm

I had recent experience with them - all went great, super service !
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Re: Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by Peterfr12 » Aug 13 2019 8:31am

I had an excellent experience with this chap. Everything went well and when a part was not available anymore he refunds me quickly.
Thumbs up.

good shop for European for Mxus laced to motorbike rim.

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Re: Experience with ebikeparts.at

Post by eMoto18 » Jan 18 2020 9:10am

I bought two times from ebikeparts.at.
Very good Dealer and fast shipping :thumb: .

On my second order, some part was not on stock. They immediatly informed me apologized and offered me another part, as it cost more, they gave me 15% discount. Great

I'am from Germany

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