A few problems, Sabvoton 72080

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A few problems, Sabvoton 72080

Post by Sir Bly » Jun 27 2019 5:41pm


My first post here so if i post in the wrong place, just move me or let me know.

I have had a few problems with my build.

1st, the e-brake and regen doesnt work. at all..
all i get is error code 26, "brake protect"
so i tried everthing i could, for days, and tried to read everything on this forum about e-breakes.
And finally i found the problem..
The regen/e-brake only works when battery is 10V under "over voltage", and my max over voltage is 88V..

2nd, i did get a 30H code..
found out that all i need to do is connect the Image
.. so it was my own bad..

3rd, the controller, 750c screen, reports 85V when the battery actually is 83.5, dont know how to fix that tho.

4th, the 750c says that my battery is 100%, ALL THE TIME.. how do i fix that? anyone knows?
the build/battery is new, im just at the breake-in atm.

i could go on. but if someone have any suggestions on how to fix the 3rd and 4th problem i will try to fix that first..

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