Spam private messages

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swbluto   100 GW

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Spam private messages

Post by swbluto » May 22 2009 9:28pm

Is there a way to report private message spam with the ease of a "report" button? It seems I'm getting more and more pm spam as the forums become more popular.

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Reid Welch   10 MW

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Re: Spam private messages

Post by Reid Welch » May 23 2009 1:57am

No-one sends me PMs. I owe a couple of members surplus parts, but have not mailed them.

Spam. I got only this in my inbox, ever. Not really. AB could send me coupons or love letters and I'd not complain.
Here she is, visiting friends. Audio only mit pictures. Relive better days and never forget Shell brand No-Pest strips,
vaporizing carcinogenic petroleum poisons. If I love blacks, well, jews, real or make-believe, (AB is not Jewish) are the best and most endearing, really,
particularly the old people I used to know who are now gone. Damn those No Pest strips!

Tales of the North East.

Some people in Topeka have never ever met such people, not even in the sixties.
Who, or which one would I be, were I a great man?

Ans: the man atop: NICK, for sure!

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