getting rid of the magura throttle dead zone?

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getting rid of the magura throttle dead zone?

Post by speedyebikenoob » Aug 01 2020 2:12pm

So I'm using a magura throttle on my e bike, and there's about a ten percent dead zone before the motor kicks in. I have the throttle wired up to a cycle analyst, and I've tried adjusting the input voltage to get rid of it. The problem is the magura throttle doesn't seem to output anything till I turn it past ten percent though. It's not a huge deal but it's kind of annoying because my throttle is already touchy and I want to use all the accelerator travel I have to make it less "aggressive". Is there a quick easy fix for this or is this just how these throttles are?

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Re: getting rid of the magura throttle dead zone?

Post by fechter » Aug 10 2020 8:09am

You need to place resistors in series with the ground and 5v lines to make it look like a hall throttle. With a CA, you can tune this so the resistors can be off a little. Ideally you want 1.7k, but those are hard to find. 1.5k or 1k should work.
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