EM3EV BMS Reset Following Short

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EM3EV BMS Reset Following Short

Post by joshseitz » Feb 20 2021 2:51pm

The Andersons on the pigtail connecting the output from my 14S pack (in a backpack) to my BBSHD melted near LVC, resulting in a short.

The BMS did its job and cut-off, and the battery takes a charge, but the BMS appears to still be in protect mode. The display will power up initially, but not long enough to get through the password (that's another story - somehow the display is locked and I can't get in. Not sure if I inadvertently set a password or what).

I tested with a friend's battery and display, and the motor/controller is fine. And when connecting his battery to my display, it maintains power just fine (I just can't get past the password screen).

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: EM3EV BMS Reset Following Short

Post by aleks68 » Mar 15 2021 4:22am

as an option, try to turn off the power and the loop from the BMS for a short one, it goes into defense, it usually helps

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