BBSHD ASI BAC855 programming thread

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BBSHD ASI BAC855 programming thread

Post by fja2 » Apr 02 2021 3:10am

This thread is about programming ASI BAC855 controllers that are paired with a BBSHD motor.
Easiest way to program: Use a regular bafang BBSHD HIGO display to USB(TTL) adapter and the BACDoor software.
When changing parameters I always press the write button, then I press (Menu->Parameter->Save to flash) in BacDoor.

If anyone got a descent xml file, please share!

I may release multiple profiles in the future, but I'll start with the one I use daily.
Description: It will try to keep tension on the chain while the bike is moving giving you a very light push once you've acceletrated, it will stop the tension(turn the motor off) whenever you stop.

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Todo: *V4* Possibly lower the power you get with mode 2.

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*V1* Initial release.
*V2* Disabling stuff, optimizing parameters. After some testing I've found out that my bike got very efficient, the power is there when I go uphill and on the flats I don't have to push it as hard to go like 40/h
-Changed "Rated system voltage" to 58 V
-The motor now ramps up to torque a little slower, no wheelies! But also no broken nylon gear.
-Disabled a bunch of inputs that I don't use, PAS, regen, etc.
-Changed BMS interface type from 0(None) to 1(Voltage model)
-Retuned the RPM, Rs, Ls, Hall offset using the autotune feature.
-Changed sensorless settings (They're not used, but now the values makes it more likely to work.)
-Changed a few other settings that don't seem to affect the ride in any way.
*V3* Made the speed modes work.
-Changed a speed mode parameter, now everything matches the Eggrider recommended settings.
-Changed top speed to 100km/h, changed mode 1 and 2 speeds. Mode 1 is now very soft and maxes out at about 700W, I get about 40km/h on flat roads with it. Mode 2 is pretty much full speed, slightly slower. The chain tension will also scale according to the mode, mode 1 is great for the city where you may not want the chain tension to push you while mode 2 gives you a very weak push at times.
The "eco" mode doesn't do anything intentionally as a kind of sabotage proof/safety system. I got my display set so it always turns on into "eco" mode.

-Switching to mode 0 will now turn off the tension and change the max current to 0%.

BBSHD everyday.xml
(53.26 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
BBSHD everyday-v2.xml
(53.26 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
BBSHD everyday-v3.xml
(53.26 KiB) Downloaded 22 times
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Re: BBSHD ASI BAC855 programming thread

Post by aztecsurf » Sep 22 2021 3:19pm

Quick question, is this all I will need to program the BAC855 for my BBSHD? I have the interface USB cable and have an idea of what to do here. I also have the 500c mini display that I will need to get running with this. 52V battery.

Thanks again.

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