Hub motor with hairpin windings

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Hub motor with hairpin windings

Post by BareKuda » Dec 07 2021 6:49am

I see hairpin windings used in many applications, EV motors, 3-phase alternators, various BLDC motors, but so far i cant find any out-runners of any size. I see them used in starter armatures, so clearly they could go on an out-runner stator.

So the question is, if its good so so many other applications why cant i see any hub motors with hairpin windings?

What would be the main benefit? Efficiency? High power/weight ratio?

If they can make this, why not a hub motor:
A898F531-00EB-4AE9-A28A-1701F0EDE6B9.png (617.52 KiB) Viewed 301 times

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