Fiido Q1S - 14 inches wheels, 130 km/h, dual motor 5kW + 5kW

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Fiido Q1S - 14 inches wheels, 130 km/h, dual motor 5kW + 5kW

Post by casainho » Dec 10 2021 1:38pm

I am being very curious with the idea of such a cheap and small electric scooter, with similar price and size of the smallers stand-up EScooters like Xiaomi M365, but that can be very powerful and fast (after being modded), as also easy to rest on the seat for long riding distances.
Sure it is very small and that comes with unique advantages and the most obvious disadvantages.

82 km/h with one only 5kW motor:

See various running on a track:

An adult with 1.75 meter height:

Comparing with the size of stand-up EScooters:


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