electroncycles bbs02 bac855 upgrade?

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electroncycles bbs02 bac855 upgrade?

Post by 2sidney22 » Jan 13 2022 4:33am

the upgrade kit I want is

www.electroncycles.co.uk/product/48-52v ... over-loom/

I'd love to know if anyone has tried it, is it really as "plug n play" as it seems?
Is it for the bbs02a or bbs02b?
It seems for the bbs02b based on the included controller cover in the picture.
What about the supplier. They seem like a good company based on reviews i've read regarding their batteries and higher power stuff, but for this kit, I've scoured the internet for independent reviews to no avail.
I've spent countless hours looking to upgrade my bbs02b and I always seem to come back to this as my preferred upgrade.
Thanking you in advance for your suggestions, reviews and time.

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Re: electroncycles bbs02 bac855 upgrade?

Post by SlowCo » Jan 13 2022 6:59am

Interesting but seems a lot of power for a BBS02.

Why not sell your BBS02 kit and get a CYC Pro kit?: https://www.cycmotor.com/x1-pro-gen-2

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