52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

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52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

Post by austin2359 » Jan 21 2022 12:03pm

Here is the stock luna cycle battery. I blew my battery.

There is also this other battery they have. It costs more. Don't know what is so much better about it.

My question is whether these batteries are that much better than any 52v battery for ebikes that you could get off of ebay from China? Is it just brand name markup, or is the quality difference reflected in the price?

Here is a search on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R ... y&_sacat=0

Here is an example on ebay : https://www.ebay.com/itm/165293936180?h ... SwSUdhhSHJ

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Re: 52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

Post by mickk » Jan 29 2022 4:26am

I dont think there is a difference. Ive had to Chinese batteries, 48 x 15, 36 x 12 for three years. Not a problem. Not long ago the fuse blew in one when it was charging and we had a power outage. I guess when the power came back on, ther ewas a surge and it did its job and saved me hundreds. Replaced fuse, no worries working fine.

Ive also got a 36 x 10 that I dont touch for years and it still works. Chinese, 200 job, amazing.

The only difference I can see is possible after sales service, youre not going to be sending a battery back to China for any joy.
But remember, you can take a dodgy battery to Jaycar etc and they can fix it for less than the postage back to china.

The state of the market is still pay your money take your chances, no matter if its sold from china or sydney. They all come from china one way or another.

I cant justify paying 3 x the price because someone is in sydney not china.

I think its more prudent to buy two @300 each than one for 700. Spread the risk.

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Re: 52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

Post by zzoing » Jan 29 2022 5:55am

If the cells are advetised as quality and the build quality is high, you can always check and claim a refund if the company lied. The main issues from China are glues that can come undone and result in short circuits, and low 5A nickel joinging the middle of the group when you want to run it at 25A.

That totally depends on the company, China will start using certificates for safe lithium assemblies one day, although that could be in many years. If you can get photos of the cells themselves, prior to buying, and can measure the Ah, then you'll be ok.
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Re: 52v Battery No Name Chinese Vs Luna Cycles

Post by 999zip999 » Feb 03 2022 3:58pm

Is best if the company upfront tells you what cells are inside that makes the difference low quality laptop batteries or the highest quality Vapes style batteries. Use a quality cell . Ask them first.

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