Future battery?

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Future battery?

Post by Superwooper10 » Jan 21 2022 8:40pm

I had an idea for getting a new bike battery to use someday soon. I currently have 2 batteries, but I only use one for my currently broken ebike. I have a 48v 10.4Ah bike battery that's full at 54v, but dies at 36v, and another battery that's a 52v 17.5Ah battery that's full at 58v and dies at 40v. I wanted to buy another battery case like this one, but find out who can really add these batteries I got from someone for abotu 15$. They said theres a bunch of laptop batteries, bike batteries, and a few other scrambles of batteries too. Would I need a ton of the same ones to make a battery from it? I know all these different types of batteries can't work since some discharge differently and probably won't work as expected..but any suggestions on what to do? What i'm looking for is a battery that's a 52v 17.5ah, the same as my current battery so I can have some extended range. Anything too low and my controller won't detect voltages under 40v.

Future battery case: https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71M ... L1500_.jpg

Here are my batteries I have that are just collecting dust. I'd sell them, but I doubt i'd get a lot of out of them.
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