Giant Revive projects??

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Giant Revive projects??

Post by StudEbiker » Aug 31 2010 10:48am

I recently rode a Giant Revive at the local bike shop and am very interested in getting one for electrification. I have found the two threads on ES with Revives and the Youtube video with the Cyclone set up, but I was wondering if anyone else here has played with putting a motor on a Revive. I am mostly interested in a setup that would drive through the gears so I would be especially interested in hearing from anyone that has gone that route.

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Re: Giant Revive projects??

Post by deardancer3 » Aug 31 2010 11:41am

I have one of two Giant REvives with Bionx NIMH 36v in colorado. We are pretty happy.
(Mine is for sale ~$1K, the other one is not -just too many ebikes)

It looks like the Cyclone motor would fit about where the kickstand is.

It has 20" wheels, so, If you want any speed, either go Sram DD or a casette with 11 tooth high gear. Mine has 11-28 rear 7 speed spin on freewheel but they are really rare now.

You cant really go front deraiuler on a revive. And the stock rear rack makes carrying capacity limited, even more so if you use it for batteries. Hard to find the crankset with different number of teeth. a little heavy.

If you go into a Revive aware of these and other limits, its pretty nice. Comfy? you bet! good for shoulder, neck and back problems...Yep. It can be made to fit a bus rack with just a minor amount of ingenuity... seen in San Diego. Will fit people from 6' 4" to 5' 2" with minor modifications. Fits 5' 6" to 6" 1" very well. Back rest not needed with e-motor assist.

You will get some streamline advantage due to it being a semi-recumbent. And due to comfort and lack of pain, one can stay in the saddle a looong time.

I would go with a 500w Cyclone two-freewheel, an Sram dd, 15-20ah of Lith24v, and a trailer hitch. Probably have a range of 70 miles doing moderate pedalling on the flat, with superb hill climbing, and an obscene top speed. Hook up trailer for big grocery runs.

Great car replacement.

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Re: Giant Revive projects??

Post by icecube57 » Aug 31 2010 12:59pm

My friend has a Giant Revive that was modded to fit a 26" wheel with a 5303 rear motor. Me personally I wouldnt go to a 26" it required some frame hacking but I would defintely keep the 5303 and run it in a 20inch rim. Strap 72v to it and hold on.   10 kW

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Re: Giant Revive projects??

Post by » Sep 01 2010 12:19pm

I've got two has small geared brushed on the front, with a replaced stem and BMX handlebars. The other has a rear 9C 7 speed freewheel. I prefer the front motor one. I enjoy the Revives quite a bit, but prefer my full recumbent Sun EZ sport. The rear 9C is a bit back heavy, as I'm running the battery in a steel mesh office tray zip tied to the rear rack on both bikes. The front motor one has a Nexus 7 on the back....its a nice combo with the brushed front motor - oodles of torque. I should mention that a front hub motor on the Revive doesn't work so well without a fork replacement (alloy, and shallow dropouts, and the fork has some metal sticking out for the hub brake which interferes with torque arm placement. It's a 1 1/8 headtube.

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Re: Giant Revive projects??

Post by Cowardlyduck » Jan 11 2022 3:56am

Sorry for digging up an old thread.

I started a new thread for everyone to discuss Giant Revive conversions in one place.
Giant Revive conversions

Feel free to jump over and update us on your build if you want.


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