Oatnet's stable of test mules

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Oatnet's stable of test mules

Post by oatnet » Sep 28 2007 3:00pm

I got my test stable laid out and ready for action, snapped a few pics and thought I'd share them.

In the foreground, note the electric bike seed - the 350w rear puma motor that I am still (^@#$%!!!!) trying to get laced, or get around to lacing myself.

Leftmost is a Tidalforce S-750x with the rare factory B battery. I bought it unridden (the pedals were not installed, and shrinkwrapped together) and took it for one ride. It is a nice bike but it is a pristine example of top-of-the-line TF, perhaps the last of its kind in that condition, I think I am going to archive it for now.

You can probably tell from the rear tire that my daily commuter is next, a Tidalforce io (beautiful frame) with an adjustable stem, s-750 handlebars (about to be replaced with an On One Mary), Thudbuster, CycelAnalst/shunt, and 25ah of LiMn in a saddlebag. It gets me to and from work, home for lunch, and a nice cruise along the beach with AH to spare, other than a 32+mile range-test cruise, I haven't had to use the TF hub battery in a long time. This ebike has a great matte red finish that glows rather than gleams, and the raised 'io' logo contrasts nicely, too bad it gets too dirty to appreciate. It is a very early production model, but I bought it with 59 miles on the cateye, which died at about 200 miles due to an overclamped cable. The hub battery is good for 6.3ah and has about 50 cycles through it.

Next is my first TF (well, 2 weeks before the red io arrived), a silver-green Tidalforce io step-through. My wife is 5 feet tall, and by under-slinging the seat clamp I was able to just make it low enough for her. I also rotated the handlebars downward for her a-la-original-harleys to give her a better angle on the grips. This bike has a noticibly weaker 'turbo'but noticibly stronger 'standard' mode, so my sub-100lb wife rides it in standard all the time, whereas I need the stronger turbo on the red io for my 250lb frame. As you might imagine, she gets a LOT more range from the hub battery than I. :D

Next is an xlyte 5305 on a TidalForce s-750 frame project. As you can see the frame is still in the factory padding, waiting for me to stop riding my io and spend more time finishing it up.

Next is my 2nd ebike, which I used for a lot of NiMh testing - leading to my conclusion that I NiMh bike would be too complex for me to market, leading to my excitement about stable lithium chemistries. It started with a standard xlyte 407 and ended up a second-generation xylte 409 with freewheel cluster and an offset case to eliminate the need for dishing. This second generation 4-series holds promise.

Last is my Panterra Fusion scooter. It does about 22mph with 60lbs of SLA, 48v17ah, and tese scooters are known do 28-30 at 60v25a. I have messed with these hub motors a lot on another project, and I hope to mod the controller to 84v40a, replace the SLA with 84v20ah of Li??, and I should have a 45mph scooter.

Click on the pic for a high resolution version.
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oatnet   10 MW

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Post by oatnet » Sep 28 2007 3:01pm

Here are the bikes from the side. Hmm, my io's chain needs oiling.

Again, click on the pic for a high-resolution version.

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oatnet   10 MW

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Post by oatnet » Sep 28 2007 3:03pm

I am sure you noticed the xyster influence - Exxonpro-lined Maxxis Hookworm tires all around, with panaracer kevlar MB liners, and Kenda DH tubes (2.25mm thick).

Below is an interesting perspective on hookworm tires. The Left rim is 28mm, and the right is a 38mm rim, you can see how much bigger and imposing the 2.5" hookworm gets with a mere centimeter of extra diameter. Granted, the 38mm is closer, but this accurately represents the real-llife difference.

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Post by xyster » Sep 28 2007 3:24pm

oatnet wrote:I am sure you noticed the xyster influence - Exxonpro-lined Maxxis Hookworm tires all around, with panaracer kevlar MB liners, and Kenda DH tubes (2.25mm thick).
Well Xyster at least notices Xyster's influence -- probably because it manifests so infrequently any example sticks out at me. :D

What an impressive stable of small EV's you've got, oatnet! I'm looking forward to watching that 5305 project progress. Give it 80 - 100v so you can enjoy the abundant torque throughout your range of normal ebiking speeds.

You WILL give the 5305 at least 80 volts....you ARE getting very sleepy...Xysternosis WORKED for influencing your tire choices already...you WILL NOT recall these instructions... :)
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Post by fechter » Sep 28 2007 3:45pm

Nice stable! I wish I even had that much clear space in my garage!

At least you have a Puma motor. You can't even get them, laced or otherwise, in the US now.

The Pantera scooter looks like it could be fun. I don't remember the voltage limitation of the controller, but we know ways around that :twisted:
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Post by knightmb » Sep 28 2007 9:40pm

So party over at his house right? Everyone bring their e-bike, then we go terrorize the locals with "magically self propelled bicycles" ? :lol: :lol:

Or "team of supermen on bicycles passing cars downtown" ?

Would make a great video :D

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Post by CGameProgrammer » Sep 29 2007 4:21am

I like that wallpaper. :)

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Post by knoxie » Sep 29 2007 5:29am


Great stable of bikes!! I would ride all your TF bikes though!! Team Hybrid will be distributing the new Tidal Force bikes here in the UK in about a months time, so they will be available again!! which is good news, the French company Matra have bought them lock stock, Mark will ship to the US as well.

Yes it looks like the Pumas are tricky to get hold of now, not sure why? Mark will still be dealing with them but will primarily be concentrating on the new Tidal Force bikes (the price looks reasonable as well) They are doing the IO frame type first off then other frames to follow, They will all be the 1KW version SX type with a jumper mod to take them down to the UK limit (removing the jumper at your own risk!) ha ha.

Interesting to see how they do, you certainly have invested plenty of money in those bikes!! they are an amazing e-bike very nice indeed, I should be doing a bit of fiddling with one or two of them when they get the bikes in.

Thanks so much for posting the pictures, good luck with the Puma they are a great little motor.



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Post by Ypedal » Sep 30 2007 5:37pm

Nice collection !! 8)

I would love to try a TF, those are what started me into this whole mess in the first place.. ( could just not justify the cost at that time tho )

a drag race with all those bikes would make an excellent video !!
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