600watt Brushed Crystalyte 1000km review

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600watt Brushed Crystalyte 1000km review

Post by Eric G » Oct 29 2007 7:34pm

Well I got the original bike ~ spring 2004.A folder with 18in. wheels powered by a 250watt motor (no markings on the motor).Top speed was 20km/h (12.5mp/h).Somebody once said it travelled at the speed of rust...The performance didn't quite cut what I wanted so....

Last year I ordered a 600watt "brushed" Crystalyte motor mounted in a 20in.double walled rim with a 36v 25amp controller.I received it this past spring and installed it.What a difference.

I just got past the 1000km mark with the c-lyte and things are still going great.Top speed in the summer is 34km/h (21.2m/h)on the flat but now that the average temp is around 10deg celcius (50F) I'm only getting around 29 to 30Km/h (~19m/h).

The new (Mar.2007) 3 x 12v/7.2ah sla batteries are still working well and I average around 10watt/hrs per kilometer.Yes I do pedal just about all the time and I allways pedal the bike before applying throttle.There isn't a hill I haven't been able to crest with pedalling,at the top I'm usually at about 20km/h going down hill I can get just shy of 40Km/h.

Got a Watt's Up meter about a month ago and Here's some readings with the crystalyte brushed motor...
No load amps is 1.7amps
Full throttle no load voltage drop on the fully charged sla's is 1.54volts
Full throttle no pedaling the motor peaks at ~900watts and draws ~26amps from the batts.

This bike is my only mode of transport and it has worked out really great.There have been no real problems with it and I'm now past the 1000km mark.I'd definately recommend this motor as it takes me where I need to go and back.

I have a 48volt 30amp controller tucked away and I may add another 12 volts to the bike come Jan. or Feb. of next year.I'm also thinking of upgrading to some Ni Cad batts when I get some extra dosh.If I win a lottery I'll get some Lithium batts.

Eric :D
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600 watt Brushed Clyte/20in.wheel/36v7.2ah sla /25amp controller/34kmh. on level ground

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