1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

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1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

Post by Barb_darmer » Apr 20 2012 3:06pm

Hello everyone, I'm a newby here and i've searched the forums with a widely scattered array of info that is really hard to piece together when you have 12 windows open. I was hoping I could post my thoughts for a build and maybe get some feedback from everyone interested. I recently bought a comp95 mountainboard to tide me over during the warmer months since i'm a snowboarder and just can't wait for snow anymore.

I was intending on using the board locally on a few hills we have but it's just not worth the energy so I was thinking about electrifying it with some glorious products from hobbyking since they seem to be the best online shop that i've seen.

It would be a much easier decision for me what to build if I wasn't worried about being disappointed. However, I'm an adrenaline junky so I didn't want to spend $250+ on a setup that gets me 13 mph. I'm desiring more into the 25 mph top speed range. So here's where the materials come into play: Brushless motors desired because I want to do wireless controls for better stability instead of having to have 1 arm constantly control a wired throttle

1WD - 3000W turnigy low kv for better torque
What ESC? What Batteries to get 1 hour performance, wireless controls?

2WD - 2X2000W turnigy low kv's, What ESC's, What Batteries?

I actually had most of the builds spec'd out based on purchases purely from hobbyking except the sprockets, however I accidentally logged out and lost the 10 things I had in my shopping cart.

Really what it boils down to for me is: Is the 1WD 3000W feasible to reach my desired 25mph and how does it handle versus a 2WD, 2X2000W motors. I would prefer to go with the 1WD for ease of building and less overall battery consumption unless someone has seen a good deal on batteries that I can series together.

Questions for the 2WD -
What do I need to buy to communicate with the 2 ESC's so that they are in sync
Can I run a single wireless throttle control to communicate with both drives using an arduino?

Anyway I thank everyone in advance for help that you provide. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to design parameters, building it will be the easy part for me :P

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Re: 1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

Post by AJChuckles » Apr 21 2012 7:07pm

Though I am a nOOb when it comes to this thing, with the help from everyone here I was able to make a motorized mountain board. Initially I ran 2 SK-6374 motors before one of the ESC's caught on fire. Ever since I have been riding on just one motor. For how it is geared, it is supposed to go 30km/h which is goes no problem one motor or two. I can attest that the board does not want to pull one way with the one motor.

In terms of connecting two motors, you will need to get a Y-splitter for the transmitter so that they both receive the same signal, and it worked great. I have been toying with the idea of switching out my rear wheel sprockets to something smaller to get a bit more speed, however I am running lower on funds and don't think I will get much use out of mine anymore. My motors are running at 22.2 Volts (6s Lipo) and at the max rating of 80 Amps (Hobbyking specs) it is able to produce 2.38 HP and has enough power to kick people off if not easy on the throttle (happened a few times).

Hope I answered a couple of your questions and if you’re interested I can send you some of my pics/vids/report as I don't technically have a build log on here yet.

But good luck man, if you run into issues I am sure someone on here will give you valuable insight to ensure it gets done properly like it was done for me.

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Re: 1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

Post by Guy H » Apr 22 2012 4:18am

this is my E- CarveBoard
I'm still working on it, When done I will post here..
The Board is MBS, cost me $ 200 including shipping
I put 6374 192KV motor and 150A controller , more then 30 KM\H with 12/55 Gear

Right now I tested it on 10KM ride and very satisfied ! not think to use two motors...
Once I'm done with the boxes of batteries and the controller I will update again
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Re: 1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

Post by Mattchoooooooo » Apr 24 2012 3:27pm

Hey Barb_Darmer,

Me and a friend have made a couple of boards mine with two 6354 260kv and his a 3 wheeler with one 6374 168kv motor. The two motor board starts of far better than the the single and has more power, both boards are geared for about 20mph.

When using the HK sensorless 150A controllers they require a minimum speed before they get sync, using a higher KV motor and gearing down more allows the controller to sync at a lower ground speed and give better starting than a lower KV motor with less gearing down (or has done for me at least). When choosing the KV of the motor if you gear the motor to the wheel for the same maximum speed the power drawn will be the same. The lower KV motors can just make the gearing a bit easier.

Single wheel drive 4 wheel boards tend to loose traction off road especially when turning sharply as the weight is transferred off the driving wheel, I would recommend 2 wheel drive.

I used a y lead to connect the two controllers to the radio, remember not to have both controllers BECs directly connected to the radio or you may burn out a BEC.

If you look for my thread you will find more info on my board.

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Re: 1WD or 2WD electric mountainboard build help?

Post by Laureloke » May 27 2015 4:39pm

One motor is better, than 0 motors))
Two motors is much more better than one motor for mountainboard. Maybe for skate or longboard one motor is good, but not for mountainboard because of off-road.
Four motors is the best choice. ;-)

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