Windturbine: 6X More Efficient and Much Cheaper

Solar, wind, hydro and other non-fossil sources of electricity.
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Re: Windturbine: 6X More Efficient and Much Cheaper

Post by craneplaneguy » Jun 19 2018 8:11am

The vertical turbine? Just because it's spinning doesn't mean it's putting out squat for any given wind direction they are working backwards half the time, fighting themselves. These two have been around for decades and every so often get rediscovered as the next hot setup. Seen any at the big commercial wind farms lately? Alt energy seems to attract BS artists and hucksters at a high rate.

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Re: Windturbine: 6X More Efficient and Much Cheaper

Post by LockH » Jun 19 2018 2:40pm

^^ Hehe... "Bogus click bait"... Türkçe konuş?

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