Will my MAC motor run Ok on 7S / ~25Volt?

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Will my MAC motor run Ok on 7S / ~25Volt?

Post by kiwipete » Feb 24 2014 3:49pm

I have a standard MAC (10T) motor and am looking to build an 18650 pack.

Was going to make two 7S5P packs and run them in series so would end up with about 51.8V nominal and about 10.5AH.

Then I was thinking this morning why not optionally make a harness to parallel them and run on 26V? Will the MAC motor run OK with that?

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Re: Will my MAC motor run Ok on 7S / ~25Volt?

Post by Drunkskunk » Feb 24 2014 4:15pm

It will rotate just fine. not very fast or with much power, but it won't hurt it.

However, you'll need a controller that can handle running that low. 7S should be below the LVC of a controller ment for 14s. Depending on what controller you have, it may not be enough power to run the voltage devider to power up the internals. All solvable problems, if you know your way around a soldering iron.
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Re: Will my MAC motor run Ok on 7S / ~25Volt?

Post by Architectonic » Feb 25 2014 4:02am

You can simulate the performance using Justin's calculator, the 10T is similar to the BMC v2 Trq motor.


Top speed with a 26" wheel will be mediocre, at about 20-23 kph.

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Re: Will my MAC motor run Ok on 7S / ~25Volt?

Post by dogman dan » Feb 25 2014 6:20am

Might work better with a gearmotor. Trying to run a dd motor at 24v, I got lots of stutter unless I got moving first. Could not climb any grade of hill. This was a sensorless motor though.

It should not stutter with halls, but I predict performance to really drop. Suitable only if you just want some flat ground assist, no hills.

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