18650 Battery Storage?

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18650 Battery Storage?

Post by Storx » Jan 29 2016 1:57pm

I went around to collect laptop batteries to salvage the cells from for my ebike kit im installing soon, during this time i managed to find one location that had 81 laptop batteries that they allowed me to take, so now in total i have 1028 18650 cells salvaged, i know the amount is kinda overkill for an 180cell battery build for my ebike, but i plan on testing them all out and build the ebike battery from the best 180 from the bunch, the left overs i have been trying to think of ways to use and i came up with a great idea. I have some property i bought that is 95% wooded, thus how i acquired it very cheap compared to similar size lots that are already cleared off.. I plan to build a house in the future on the property, so i have been going out there on the weekends i have time and cutting trees down slowly but surely and then selling off the logs for firewood to locals.. I bought a cheap 5th RV that is currently on the property for me to sleep in over the weekend and the batteries in the RV are of unknown age, the RV is from 2000.. There is 10 walmart brand golf cart lead acid batteries for the bank and with them on a full charge i can barely get through the weekend using my laptop and powering lights around the RV, i use my laptop to watch movies and tv shows on while out there...

I was thinking i could build a battery box or a couple out of the remaining 800+ cells for energy storage out of wood possibly, i was thinking of building wooden box out of thin strips and then section out areas on the inside with very thin strips of wood maybe to make a battery divider basically.. i could either build rows to place the batteries into or build individual slots for each battery.. then using bulk copper bolts/screws i could screw through the wood and adjust the bolts so the tension of the bolt is touching the cells for contact, that way if i ever have issues with cells down the road i can test for which cell is giving me issues and just remove the case top and replace the cell and then screw the top back on and adjust the bolt to make firm connection to the battery..

Right now there are 4 x 100watt solar panels that have been charging the batteries via the sun, so nearly every time ive gone out there the solar system is in absorption mode due to the batteries being fully charged..

I know you can buy a box of 100 copper machine screws an inch long for just a few bucks from local hardware store.. ive bought them before.. i think it was like 3 or 4 bucks only for the 100 pack..

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Re: 18650 Battery Storage?

Post by Ianhill » Sep 20 2016 10:20am

I went through 300 cells took me over a month bulk balance charge them in 10s then discharged singularly to check internal resistance and capacity, 2/3rds were under 1.5amp and junked to many cycles to be reliable, I would test them with a 1amp load on my charger most laptop cells fall on their arse voltage wise after 2c or 4amp draw.

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