Updates available to wiki software?

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Updates available to wiki software?

Post by FluxZoom » Apr 22 2016 10:49am


I am super interested in making sortable tables in the wiki, I think it's a big deal, lots of information and data to sort. But I don't think it's a very easy thing to do, and probably a bit of a steep learning curve for some.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQJs3MQFgKA This is an example of how I'd probably make sortable tables. A bit of a hassle, but the reason why I'd prefer to avoid this is the same reason why I want to use the ES wiki, so others can easily add to and modify this data. Otherwise I'd probably use google docs for ease of use.

Is there any sort of updates available to the wiki software as to make sortable tables much easier to edit and produce (for myself and others)?

I am not even sure how might be responsible for changing or updating the wiki software, hah. I'd go so far as to be willing to pitch in to paying for potential software that might be more suited for this purpose. I think the wiki is really important and a lot of questions come up repeatedly. I imagine these repeated questions would come up far less frequently and the answers to those questions would be far more rich if instead of lots of forum posts we used the wiki instead for the most part.


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