Need help with prebuilt board from Scramboards

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Need help with prebuilt board from Scramboards

Post by Guvnor » Dec 08 2016 8:01pm

Hi everyone,

New here, and looking for some advice on ESC for an EMB.

The reason i went for a prebuilt board is due to being full time carer for my son who is disabled, and i have 3 other very young children.
So I have very little if no free time at all some days so just wanted something i could blow off some steam on in the middle of the night when i do get a min.
I would of loved to build my own board, and wish i had now.

This is the board i purchased

Paid for mid August, and after no end of excuses for delays finally got the board delivered 7 weeks later and I couldn't wait to ride it!
Unfortunately its never gone more than 10 meters before it cuts out. :evil:

So i have had the board for around 2 months, in that time i have gone through 3 sets of vesc, each time none have worked.
After the last set I was told i would be sent a dual esc not a pair of vesc, but i received vesc again not dual esc.
3 weeks ago i was promised this time dual esc would be sent that would fix the problems but i still haven't received anything and my emails are not being answered atm.

I asked Andy last time to refund me the price of the vesc and i would sort my own board out but he wanted to try the dual esc first.
I've had enough now and would love to ride my board by Christmas :) so If anyone can point me in the right on which esc i could buy in the UK that would run the board i have linked too.
The specs for the board are copied from their website below
High Performance set up :
10S 10ah 36 volt
Max discharge current 100 amps
Torques and speed highest on market thanks to high speed VESC controllers and 300 kv motors.
VESC protection module insurance of overload/ short circuit. Cuts of power supply

Benjamin Vedder created and invented open source VESC controllers hence the V added to the start of ESC ( ELECTRONICSPEED CONTROLLER) something that all electric skateboard builders and manufacturers have been longing for they are a highly programmable, high voltage and reliable speed controller.

Samsung Lithium ion battery - 10 s 36 volts

Battery Charger – Rated 100-240 volts takes around 4 hours for a full charge

Adjustable Motor brackets - Our Motor brackets are adjustable allowing you to adjust the motor belt tension if ever needed!

Battery box-Specifically designed and shaped for mounting on top of the deck and sits on 4 deep rubber grommets which allow full flex of the deck, Lcd voltage display, power switch and quick release lid.

VESC controller - x 2 VESC controller - VESC motor controllers are high speed motor controllers and offer a smooth, connected and responsive throttle. VESC motor controllers are the best control system on the market and offer a smooth, connected and responsive throttle.

2 wd drive system- Two x 63mm Outrunner Brushless motors with Japanese bearings.

Cruise control- Speed up to the desired speed then click the throttle stick in once and release your board will now stay at that speed, click again to release.

Brushless Outrunner Motor power = 63 mm size. 3500 watts, 4N.M, 300 KV

Digital metre : LED battery power meter built into battery box.

Average Board Total Net weight with kit fitted : 12 kg.

Board Max speed with this kit : 35 + mph

Climbing Angle +- 30 Degrees

Average Range achieved - 18 miles

Control Settings- Simple and hassle free, pull the trigger to go push it forward to start regenerative abs braking, smooth linear acceleration.
I see some of you are using hobbywing esc, would these be good for my set up? If so could anyone link to what ones would be suitable unless anyone has a better suggestion?

Also when I originally paid for the board i was told the battery was 12s not 10s...wouldn't of minded if the board actually worked!

Thank you guys, any help much appreciated.

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Re: Need help with prebuilt board from Scramboards

Post by 206monkey32 » Dec 10 2016 5:35pm

Torqueboards 12 s esc ought work, or Axel sells some vesc's, as does Enertion and Ollinboards

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Re: Need help with prebuilt board from Scramboards

Post by nowind » Dec 18 2016 3:25pm

Hey Mate,

sorry for you that you have made such bad expierences.

The question is what you are willed to spend actually to get this board running.

You could go with lower KV Motors and stay with the VESC.
You can stay with the Motors and move to a other ESC.
ESC change will maybe make other batteries needet.

Reliable 12S ESC is hard to find... i burnt Roxxys and VESC´s, some people like the TB 12S, others are unhappy too
Best bulletproof/waterproof powerfull ESC is Hobbywing MAX6, but only 8S capable.
But as you have 300kv Motors maybe you can try these...


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