Stupid retarted newbie

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Stupid retarted newbie

Post by timlangham » Nov 08 2017 12:03am

Hello All I am looking for a battery pack that will fit in the frame of my bike. Its a kids bike I am hoping it will be a transition for my 10 years old daughter into a motorbike.
200 watt currie 4 pole electric motor ( was pulled out of a dumpster ).
Strong wheels rear & front suspension, everything works ok. It was originally designed for 24v 200 watt motor, but it was lame. Somehow some idiot (me) put 48 volts through it with 4 sealed lead acid batteries without a motor controller just with a switch. In the end after 40 amps fuses kept blowing & we hard wired it and it & was frightening. (were we getting 2kw out of the motor)?
We wired it up with 1000w controller everything works cool but we are lucking to get 10km range from it. Now I would like to try these 18650 batteries to do it properly I will have to fit them in the existing frame I know it will cost $500 but this is the way technology is going. I want to learn it and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of how to build a battery with Battery management in the shape that I desire.

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Re: Stupid retarted newbie

Post by Marin » Nov 08 2017 12:28am

check out for lots of you tube tutorial and a great book by Micah Toll to read
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Re: Stupid retarted newbie

Post by amberwolf » Nov 08 2017 4:39am

Or there are dozens of 18650 threads with the info you want here on ES.

It's going to be a fair bit of reading and research any way you do it.

Not every thread in the list below will be relevant, but you can get an idea of which might be by their titles ... mit=Search

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Re: Stupid retarted newbie

Post by markz » Nov 10 2017 5:03pm

"yet another solderless DIY battery pack via NIB's" ... 14&t=60517

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Re: Stupid retarted newbie

Post by torker » Nov 10 2017 10:09pm

Do you have a pic of the bike you can put up?
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Re: Stupid retarted newbie

Post by dogman dan » Nov 11 2017 7:15am

Easiest thing will be a light enough battery on a seat post rack. 48v 10 ah will do, and not too much over stress a good rack. Keep it under 10 pounds of battery.

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