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Tom L   1 kW

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Post by Tom L » Jan 20 2018 8:32pm

Anyone used this company for cells or packs?


Any reason I should be cautious?

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fechter   100 GW

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Re: Voltaplex

Post by fechter » Jan 21 2018 1:33am

Never heard of them. Their website says:
Our manufacturing centers are in Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Xiamen, PRC. Our mailing and marketing office is located in Hong Kong.
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81style   10 mW

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Re: Voltaplex

Post by 81style » Mar 12 2018 5:25pm

When I do a Google search for packs or cells, the Voltaplex website is constantly in the top results. I have no experience with this company, but they do advertise a pretty decent warranty. It appears that packs are built-to-order, which I think is a nice and personal "just for you" touch. Also, their quote request form asks for some pretty detailed information regarding specs.

If you do decide to do business with Voltaplex, please report back here and share your experience. I have a generally positive impression from the website, but that of course is lacking any real-world testimonials.

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