Braking Chopper Circuit - help requested

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Braking Chopper Circuit - help requested

Post by Nordle » Jun 20 2018 3:59am

Hey guys,
i built an electric mauntainboard, because its very hilly where i live sometimes even if i start with 90% charged battery i get my esc's into overvoltage cutoff to not damage my battery. But brakes are gone then and thats a bit of a problem:)

Only i thing related i could find was this: ... condition/
i had no clue about op amps so far, so this was a bit of a pita.
Then i tried to design a similar (but simpler) circuit and ended with this:
circuit (1).png
circuit (1).png (77.11 KiB) Viewed 333 times
I'm a bit new to all these things, so i have no clue if this would really work. At least it does in the simulation.
If you could point me any mistakes or help me make this real that would be great.

And here a pic from the board with some alp panorama:
30f7b8c8989a960b334c52ea4fa754f5802883da_1_375x500.jpeg (110.54 KiB) Viewed 333 times
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