Need help with a PING LIFEPO4 BMS was fried Pics inside

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Need help with a PING LIFEPO4 BMS was fried Pics inside

Post by mightbaal » Jul 06 2018 8:36pm

Modified my Leaf ebike 1500w controller but forgot my BMS in my 3 year old Ping 48v 20 ah battery is only rated for 40 Amps! Anyone know where I can get a higher power BMS 16s it looks like cells were like 3.34v so it's not a standard voltage nominal like a 18650 is. I pull 2000w uphill and off the line tapering down to 1500-1600W at top speed of 35 MPH.

I am looking for a not to expensive BMS that is good for these soft cells that are in the Ping battery that can handle more amps. I would like a BMS that has the same type of plug... I know the 45A 18650 16s plug is smaller in size than the one in this pack but that is for a battery with nominal voltage of 3.7 not like these cells. This battery is about 3 years old maybe even older never ever fully discharged it before.

I think this stock battery is 48V 16S (maybe considered 52V?) 20 AH but 2C rated 40 AMPS but would like a BMS with a little head room.
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