Brussels-based Ahooga "super-light electric highly-efficient folding" bike

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Brussels-based Ahooga "super-light electric highly-efficient folding" bike

Post by LockH » Sep 25 2018 1:37pm

Huh. ESB "Ahooga"... only one mention about these "ahooga" as in bikes from Ahooga?

Would yah believe...

... fer one of these?

Hybrid 24V, 250W. Torque: 35Nm. Max speed 20 km/h, 5 mode assistance levels
With EU certified, lithium-ion, 4.4Ah, 24V, 106Wh, average autonomy of 50+ km on hilly landscapes. Sony cells. A 24V/7Ah (168Wh) battery is available as an option (Autonomy 75+ km), Panasonic cells.
Charging time: 2h30 for the 50+ km battery. 4h for the 75+ km battery.
36V, 250W, 252Wh – Li-Ion / 25km/h max speed with assistance. 5 mode assistance levels. Torque 45Nm. Autonomy range: 65km.

Colors: Challenging choice among 215 RAL colors (you read well) with matt or glossy finish. Custom logo or baseline available as an option.
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Re: Brussels-based Ahooga "super-light electric highly-efficient folding" bike

Post by Dauntless » Sep 25 2018 11:11pm

Dang, now the name 'Ahooga' is taken. Think of the loss of motivation to all the people who just HAD to have that name for their bike
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