Icharger 106b+ $60

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Icharger 106b+ $60

Post by Kin » Feb 15 2019 2:16pm

Anyone interested in buying an icharger106b+? I need a charger for 8s and am seeing if I could get some money for my 106b (great 6s charger) to justify going up to a 206b (8s).

Purchased from progressiveRCfor 89.99 in 2015. Used very little because most of my 6S charging is on a B6 charger, and my main application was for the IR reading and regen charging functions (that project fizzled out / turned into an 8S project.)

Looking for say....
$60 + 5 shipping u.s?

For $10 more I can throw in a 200-300W 15V PSU, but only if you're buying the charger (I have a number of PSUs floating around I can narrow what option I have to offer if this is appealing. The $10 would mostly just cover the shipping addition of the PSU, since the PSU is bigger than the charger.

The icharger will not come with balance board adapter or output connections. If you want, can provide one set of charge output leads for whatever connector you want (assuming I have that connector at home, i have many.)
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