Large flooded Nicad NiCd batteries

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Large flooded Nicad NiCd batteries

Post by 1JohnFoster » Feb 18 2019 2:08am

Located in North Delta BC.
John Cell 604 652-1774

Tons of high capacity NiCd flooded batteries. Good for PV systems, EV car or truck conversions, tractors, golf carts, forklifts. Much stiffer at holding voltage and last many times longer than lead acid batteries. These came from Skytrains where they were used very lightly. Many were put back in service for fishboats and are still in service. Extremely low internal resistance (high starting current) and almost no low voltage drop during discharge for loads.

Hoppecke FNC-KFMP C5 flooded NiCd C5 100AH - single cells__________
About 9lbs per cell. (need 10 cells to make a 12V battery)
Aprox 6 or 7" cubes.
360 of these batteries
Have 6 racks which fit 10 cells.

SAFT NIFE SRX1300P 1995 130AH x 6cells per nominal 6V module_________________________
Made in France
41 of these batteries

More info to come (I can weigh, measure & will charge & discharge test)

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Re: Large flooded Nicad NiCd batteries

Post by amberwolf » Feb 18 2019 10:30pm

Hopefully some of the "info to come" includes prices? ;)

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Re: Large flooded Nicad NiCd batteries

Post by GigawattsCanada » Mar 01 2019 11:06am

More info ?

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