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    Fast long-range cheap tourer[emoji2]

    Fast Long range Cheap Choose two! :D
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    Spot welding pen. Has anyone tried this one?

    That spotwelder handĺe is excellent. Done over 20000 cells with it so far. It will get hot on very heavy use(like two welds per second) but not to hot to have any influence. Just find very flexible 25mm2 cable for it.
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    48v Lipo pack 13s temperature

    Hi friend, Your average current draw must be lower than 90÷120amps, otherwise you would be unable to drive 50mins from 44Ah pack. Anyway voltage drop tells a lot. 8V drop on 13S battery means that load is too high. I have small ebike workshop (made around 300 ebikes and batteries so far) and...
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    What is this motor?

    Looks like variant of Bionx hub motor.
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    Sticky Full Throttle

    If it is thumb throttle try to file a bit of plastic from inside of 22mm mounting hole. This will ussually help. Regards
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    speed difference between turn counts

    You should be aware that battery is already at its limit. For that battery 25A continius is high load already and will shorten battery life. 50A you can take for only few seconds. My advice is don't push it over the limit, 40mph already takes 30A or more. Regards, Dusan Latinovic
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    DIY BLDC Controller Wave forms + Snubber

    You should also be aware that faster switching (short rise and fall times) will produce larger overshoot. In typical ebike controller switching losses are small portion of conduction losses since switching frequency is low. You use very fast gate driver and low 10ohm gate resistor. check this...
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    Optimal Hub Motor design? Break down of BionX D-Series

    Hello everybody :) I bought 2 d500 motors probably broken few months ago. they were laced in 29 rims. I have opened them, removed internal controller, wired with external controller and they work like charm. it is a lot of work to make it work but results are worth it. there is no other DD...