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  1. xyster

    Xyster virus is catching

    Looks fantastic, Mike. "Xyster virus"... :roll: :D
  2. xyster

    E.S. Quotable Quotes !

    That's "Safe"ty in numbers for ya! :)
  3. xyster

    A Strategic Proposal

    We all understand that the law is rarely on the little guy's side despite the "little guy" constituting the majority of "guys". Hence, one arm of this organization should be a political action committee so we can bribe lawmakers with campaign contributions like the automobile, oil, and every...
  4. xyster

    72V 300A brushless controller

    Are there any combinations of component failures, or other faults, by which a brushless controller would suffer a similar, runaway fate?
  5. xyster

    Man Reportedly Killed In Cellphone Lipo Explosion Many of us carry significantly more lithium cobalt firepower....since the risk of occurrence is very low, and the risk of seriously bad consequences from an occurrence still just moderate, if it didn't cost probably a hundred bucks or more I'd...
  6. xyster

    Is it a X5 on steroid? it's an X5 with thicker axles and a different housing since it would be cheaper just to alter the ebike X5 than mass produce entirely new motors, and those wattage numbers are well within X5 spec, and as you noted, the covers are identical.
  7. xyster

    Helmet Camera, or Onboard Camera

    This conversation is going south fast. :lol:
  8. xyster

    The Killacycle & Scotty Pollacheck 7.82 @ 168 MPH 10nov2

    Toadies of both sexes are attracted to power like fleas to a dog. Society's nerds have gone without either sex or power for so many generations now, I wonder for how long they'll (we'll ? :) ) remain goofy, benign nerds now that nerd-suited technology is all powerful and sexy.
  9. xyster

    A123 1100mAh batteries in the Black&Decker VPX packs!

    Yah, it'd take a ridiculous number of those cells to make a useable ebike pack. Who'd want to spend all the time it takes to solder together hundreds of them? :wink: Now if they we're a lot cheaper per amp-hour....but unfortunately, they're not.
  10. xyster updated

    They're now selling the little tongxin hubmotor too.... glad to see more options.
  11. xyster

    power-assist group no longer public?

    I get the same message, and the domain is still the correct one, and there's no frames, so the odds of it redirecting to a fiendish phishing site is small. As for the reason for the change, perhaps yahoo groups admins keyed-in on their talk of "ebike porn", and responded accordingly. :)
  12. xyster

    Lithium Chess

    I missed the king's pawn opening....good one, TD. :lol:
  13. xyster

    Manufacturers and dealers to avoid

    Maybe you can try some Xyster battery? :roll: If every ebike component vendor begins posting here -- which will happen as its free, targeted marketing -- we won't have a usable forum anymore. At some point, before we get inundated with commercial spam, the Yesa's, LifeBatts, et al should get...
  14. xyster

    36v 20ah LiMn Battery Update.

    Rubbing alcohol is used to wash electronics after assembly, correct? Perhaps there were airtight pockets of isopropanol left over...
  15. xyster

    possible way to increase UK power limit on electric bikes?

    Hmmm....just tossing a small cache of british tea into a large body of water seems so much simpler. We did that, and now look -- 750 watts for us*, 200 watts for you. :D So why don't you try that first, and if it doesn't work, then -- the US military having had time to regroup -- we will...
  16. xyster

    i'm so happy with my electric bike that im selling my car!

    Why would anybody want to buy a car? :P
  17. xyster

    possible way to increase UK power limit on electric bikes?

    I agree. I say it's high time for a wanton act of symbolic rebellion, by our European brethren, such as filling the English Channel with taxed tea and toxic batteries. :) Just kidding about the batteries....
  18. xyster

    New KMX video...

    Love the head lice eye view -- had to brush your flying dandruff off my keyboard. :D
  19. xyster

    possible way to increase UK power limit on electric bikes?

    You're right. campaign contributions = bribes = exclusionary political quid pro quo adulterating the "one voice one vote" equality of suffrage = corruption happy now? :D :wink:
  20. xyster

    Two Interesting New Lithium Breeds At BatterySp.

    They're both a pathetic (for lifepooo) 2C too, right?
  21. xyster

    possible way to increase UK power limit on electric bikes?

    The politician's mindset less evolved because evolution works the opposite direction in the political arena (survival of the least fit), he won't care about any petition that doesn't boast pecuniary campaign contributions.
  22. xyster

    Two Interesting New Lithium Breeds At BatterySp.

    Giant, 60ah 2C li-ion cells for $520 each: Prismatic 10ah 2C LiFePoooo cells for $60 each:
  23. xyster

    FalconEV 36V 12ah LiFePo4 battery Test

    It's nice to read that your ebike-assembly odyssey has finally come to a satisfactory conclusion. Why are you concerned about the MP's knowing it's electric?