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  1. DasDouble

    Sur-Ron Battery upgrade

    Thanks, email sent :thumb:
  2. DasDouble

    How do I select a suitable motor?

    Did I got that right? My max RPM is 5000 RPMs adding 10-15% low voltage at my project is 60V So is this correct:? 5000*1,1*60V = 330000 = 330Kv ?
  3. DasDouble

    Sur-Ron Battery upgrade

    On the website it says the BAC 8000 supports 72V nominal. My battery, fully charged goes up to 84,0V. Is this voltage still supported? If yes, I would consider switching my project over to a BAC 8000, as my current controller (Mobipus 72600) is quite hard to set up software wise.. :( Would...
  4. DasDouble

    VESC Open Source - Android App Features?!?!

    Elon Musk, the man himself :shock: Oh hey Boss! ;D
  5. DasDouble

    My Build List ~$550

    Yo I'm not sure if this is just a fake Elon Musk or not, but if its not - that would be freakin sick! :DDD :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
  6. DasDouble

    Seeking help setting up Mobipus Controller (everything already installed and running)

    I have wired up a Mobipus 72600 with a Me1304 Motor and Im searching for someone who could help me setting it up. The software is already unlocked to [certified engineer] level and is communicating with the motor. I just need help setting it up, as the motor just wiggles around instead of solid...
  7. DasDouble

    Manually pre-charging controllers

    You dont need that actually.
  8. DasDouble

    Manually pre-charging controllers

    To prevent sparks when connecting my battery to my controller (as in the controller is a heavy duty capacitor in), I want to do following steps: Could someone tell me, if this should work as planned?
  9. DasDouble

    Mobipus Controller Write Parameter to Controller issue

    Hey mate try this version out (certified engineer).. Dont know anymore, how I've got this version:
  10. DasDouble


    Just saw my post from around a year ago and I have no clue, what in the world I've just done back then. The "trick" from then doesn't really work. Meanwhile my pc doesnt recognize the controller via USB nor WIFI dongle. Any help?
  11. DasDouble

    Mobipus Controller - help! No connection via USB nor Wifi Dongle

    I have the Mobipus 72600 Controller but I don't get any connection to my Mobipus Software. Does anyone have had the same issue and could tell me what I do wrong? I can build up a connection to the Wifi Dongle but this box doesnt detect any Tx/Rx signal and also via the direct USB connection, I...
  12. DasDouble

    Definitive Tests on the Heating and Cooling of Hub Motors

    Cool!! Thanks for sharing!! :)
  13. DasDouble

    Vector bike and frame owners.

    I recommend to buy the Vector Typhoon with battery. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble with building my own battery by buying the prebuild batterypack. Looks like the CAB Eagle is just the cheap chinese clone of the frame where the whole thing gets rusty after some time etc. I have my...
  14. DasDouble

    Peter's custom bikes

    Lol, just saw this post from 6 years ago.. Oh baby, crazy how much has changed since then. Built two EV's, started my engineering study, met the greatest person on planet earth and improved my grammar in english a bit^^ See ya all in 6 years again, I guess :D (Maybe until then I'll be married...
  15. DasDouble

    Neematic - 20kW middrive bike

    That sounds like to me that this bike is just a show bike of a brand of "what they are capable of". Familiar with what prototypes Ive been working on for some big car company in the past..... Its a pitty. :x :evil:
  16. DasDouble

    Mobipus Controller Write Parameter to Controller issue

    Just updated to the latest version of Mobipus and now I have full access and the "change mode" button got removed, compared to the dropbox link from ballaratebike's website. Seems like I have full access to all modes. But you better copy a safety of the program before updating it by coping the...
  17. DasDouble

    Vector bike and frame owners.

    What did you do with the swingarm? :D
  18. DasDouble


    I'm not sure what you mean with "time codes". I will run the programm on Sunday, means tomorrow first time with my controller in case everything works and in case sh*t won't blow up :lol:. If you give me correct orders, I can try to tell you what works for me. Just remind me in case I forget to...
  19. DasDouble


    Weird problem: I've got the software for my Mobipus 72600 from but when I try to run the "Mobipus Motor Controller Control Console Installer 3.4.16" it gives me an error, saying "User is not a valid user or group. This could be a problem with the...
  20. DasDouble

    Vector bike and frame owners.

    Keep it simple. Buy a Vector
  21. DasDouble

    Vector bike and frame owners.

    afaik you can use the QS 205 V3 hub motor easily. The dropout width is only for the different rim / wheel sizes. In case you want to have a fat bike tire or not for example.
  22. DasDouble

    Nissan Leaf Cells Test Data

    Suprise lets revive: I have 5 Nissan 2018 cells in 4s 2p configuration per pack. Does anyone know how much amps I can draw from it in this 2018 version? All information I found was on this website, but no info about max. Amps per module...
  23. DasDouble

    Domino Throttle

    I have started to design one but I need to finish my other projects first. Will take a while until its ready for sale.
  24. DasDouble

    Help me develop the perfect throttle

    yeah sorry haha, haven't spend a lot of time on ES anymore as I do a lot of climate-change activism on EU level lately. What exactly? The time for building a prototype, the late reply? Don't understand
  25. DasDouble

    Help me develop the perfect throttle

    Nope, just sleeping. Plans are finished, would just need a budget and time to start building the first prototype.