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    48v vs. 36v integration/duality

    i completely agree. most days i dont bother posting whatsoever because the egotistical jerks ( everywhere on the net, not just here ) are always there to correct something, anything. before i read your second posted i was going to suggest exactly that. on the other hand, if you manage to track...
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    Help with electric Minibike 48v build

    so 20 volt lithium drill batteries (3Ah and above, in most cases) are 10 cells in 5s2p config. drill batteries are power cells so theyre most likely 10-20 amp capable each. i DO NOT recommend getting the power adapters youll see on ebay/amazon and using them in current form as i had done that...
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    Recommendations sought for a quality pre-built battery pack

    good luck on a pre-built one