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    Qestion: what makes regen intensity different?

    thanks, I'll look into that max regen setting, I haven't tinkered with any settings since the fall, but I set them up the same. Get back to you, appreciate the reply @E-HP
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    Qestion: what makes regen intensity different?

    Hey guys, I built 2 ebikes with the same controller (Grin Baserunner L10, battery, and motor (generic 205mm series DD hub motor), pedal sensor (Grin). Guy I bought it from says it's rated for 2000W. The bikes are up and running, and when I activate regen, one seup barely gives back 100W...
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    Love the Baserunner, suggested improvements

    Hi @OneBadWolf, To clarify, would the Baserunner_L10 be a better fit for your build? I'm building a bike with a 2000W motor and I was told the Baserunner_L10 is out of stock, and not sure when they're coming in. I'm thinking of just buying the Pacerunner, but love the small size of the...