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    Making own BBS02 BBSHD stabilizer bar bracket.

    I checked the raw materials locally (Europe) and the bracket should be around 3€ of raw materials for 304 stainless 3 mm thick. Shipping from USA would probably be more expensive same as shiping from other country, as there are none available in my country. I'm intending to fix them to frame...
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    Making own BBS02 BBSHD stabilizer bar bracket.

    I'm thinking about using CNC services to make my own Bafang stabilizer bar, because the cost of bought one is super high and I don't think so that 20 minutes of machine time max would end up with such a high cost. So I have a question: what should I add to custom stabilizer? So far I've roughly...
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    Designing a diy battery layout. 13S4P 2170 with 3D printed holder inside a triangle bag.

    I'm planning to make a 13S4P 2170 (with BAK N21700CG-50) battery build. I have a 56×46×36 triangle bag and bike has 53° downtube angle . Build is hardtail with BBS02B (20A limit), 90% of the time I'm riding on 75W(1.5A) setting, 5% on 150W(3A), and 5% on full throttle 1000W (20A) to accelerate...
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    BBS02B with 500C-H display, PAS 0 with throttle doesn't work.

    ​I'm new to the world of e-bikes and I've converted my old bike to BBS02B mid drive. Yesterday I did small test drive to see if everything works and today I wanted to change the parameters of the firmware — PAS 0 with throttle (the display only has 0—5 PAS levels). After the flash, from my...