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    Non BMS battery pack in parallel to BMS battery pack?

    can u put a battery pack without a bms in parallel to a battery pack with a bms?
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    50,000 mAh battery pack only about $15.50

    This is incredible.. how prices have come down. 50,000 mAH or 50 Ah for only $15.50 or so. amazing how they can deliver so much in such a small package. Isn't technology amazing...
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    Build of Bafang BBS02 from Greenbikekit

    You can get pre-made xt90 harness for parallel and serial direct from hobbyking. makes for a much cleaner install.. 2 or 4 - 6s packs 16 AH should be more than enough for Bafang
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    Turnigy Multistar 10C 10AH versus Allcell pack comparison

    OMG, WHAT DID U DO? YOU CAN JUST THROW THAT PACK AWAY NOW.. they dropped below 3.7 v.. they are damaged and unbalanced... If u believe what the others on a similar thread posted, that pack is worthless. I, however, disagree with them with regard IRREPERABLE DAMAGE TO PACKS BY letting these...
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    MUST READ - eBikes are LEGAL in the USA - Since HR727 8-2001

    one thing I want to clarify. Any state can prohibit the use of bicycles. What the federal statute is designed to do is equalize the electric bike with non-electric bikes. ie, if they allow bicycles, THEY HAVE TO ALLOW eBIKES. They can however, say NO BIKES ALLOWED. Also, what mkeefer says...
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    Using a lightweight generator to charge Bosch e-bike battery

    Well there was a company that has a 15 lb, 1kw generator, which runs on diesel. Problem is that they do military applications, ie they charge a fortune for screws, let alone screwdrivers. I remember calling them a few years...
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    I'm not sure why people cannot understand plain english and are simply getting on pulpit trying to show off how much they know. In a forum predicated on scientific principles, there is a tremendous amount of inaccurate breastbeating about what is the "right" way to do things. Quite simply, we...
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    that is your choice..nothing wrong with that
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    I agree that it won't push it up far. Do you agree that "IN A PINCH" something is better than nothing?
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    You have trouble with engrish I see. If you bothered to read it careful, it says. "In a pinch, i can use the regular 24v charger that comes with the mobility scooter to bulk charge the pack up to about 3.7v per cell." I did not say that is was the preferred method was bulk charging.. ie.. "IN...
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    I guess the difference is that most bms allow lipo's to discharge to at least 3.0v.. in some instances the cut-off is 2.7 v. I agree that if u want to keep the pack alive for the longevitiy, the parameters you indicate would do so. However, there comes a point of diminishing returns.. i...
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    The problem is his usage of the term "almost empty" Most discharge curves indicate, at moderate drain rates, a voltage of 3.7 gives u about 40% residual capacity when looking at a 3.0v cut-off. This varies with drain rates, temp. etc. I consider "almost empty" to mean less than 10% residual...
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    I think a look at any Lipo discharge curve would indicate that your statement has little to no merit. But take a look and get back to me on this.
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    Turnigy Multistar - lightweight 10C cells

    Hobbyking is selling the xt90 "harnesses".. either parallel or serial versions. I ordered a bunch of the parallel versions and will put Andersons on the bottom of the "Y" parallel.. by knocking off the female xt90 portion.
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    inexpensive 36/48v 20 amp controllers. where to buy?

    There seem to be 2 potential problems. Most of these say they only work with one voltage, ie either 36 or 48 and you have to specify it in advance. Can u order the 36 v and use it with a 48 volt battery pack? Also, it says that the EABS cannot be disabled... it seems like a function I would...
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    inexpensive 36/48v 20 amp controllers. where to buy?

    i wondered about that. I used 12s lipo pack and it seems to work ok, but very little power. I think the controller is a 10 amp or less controller, so I was wondering if there were any 20 amp, 36/48 volt controllers out there .. Kinda like the ones that used to be used by ebike kit or amped a...
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    inexpensive 36/48v 20 amp controllers. where to buy?

    I was wondering where u can get inexpensive 36/48 V controllers, around 20 amp or less? I am trying to convert an inexpensive 36v bike, with a 350 v motor into a 48 v bike. Any help?
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    Hobbyking LiFeP04 ?

    I ordered a couple. The problem was that about 1 out of 4 came in with low to zero voltage. Quality control is crap. I posted a review in the HK website... I am the one complaining about the crappy packs. Someone else I know ordered 8 of the 8400 mA packs, got 4 out of 8 with low voltage, ie...
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    Will bulk chaging a pack with different cell counts work?

    Ouch.. but I would check the controller... remember that they work on smoke.. when the smoke comes out, they stop working!! Be real careful charging the batteries also... check the voltages first through the balance connector and individually charge each pack before trying this again. David
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    Will bulk chaging a pack with different cell counts work?

    I would just use the main leads on the pack and plug them together in series for the 14s, then do your own parallel connector using andersons on one end, and then two sets of bullet connectors on the other. Use this to draw current for your bike. I would retain usage of your balance leads and...
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    FalconEV 19" triangle bag.

    I have one of these and you need to be careful about the weight. I overloaded mine when I first got it. but since it was just a few weeks after I got it, Andy replaced it. as long as you dont overstuff it or exceed its weight carrying ability, they seem to work great. Recently, he has...
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    new generation BMS

    How big is the shunt current for balancing? Just spotted it.. is says "UP TO 2A".. so that is - 0 to 2 A.. any specifics.
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    Hobby King 4s 5Ah packs on sale for about $22

    Hobby King has restocked the Turnigy 4s Hardcase, 5AH packs for $22.37 each. Shipping is about another $2 per pack if you buy a bunch. Link - They are stocked in the US so shipping should be fairly fast. I just ordered...
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    12s2p LiPo pack kit including 12-channel BMS "Lite" Board

    I am a little confused, and pardon this rather dumb question. The OP seemed to indicate that you could put 4-6s pacs into one set up. in order to have that OP setup, what would be needed? a 2X6s setup or simply one 6s board?
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    12s2p LiPo pack kit including 12-channel BMS "Lite" Board

    Does the 8s also work with 7s packs?