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    15S Li-ion thoughts?

    Yeah, I get that issue. I figure I’m already at 58.8 with a 14S getting the full 4.2 per cell, so I wasn’t concerned about the controller as much. How do you think the cells would like a 15S setup?
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    15S Li-ion thoughts?

    There are obvious BMS and balancing hurdles, but what would people think about using a 15S setup for a controller with components rated up to 60V? My charger would top at 59V, so 3.9V per cell. My thought would be this would keep them in the healthy discharge curve for longer (stopping at 3.4V)...
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    Need a good interface between battery and harness (48v.)

    Snip off the wires, use something more common. You could also connect Deans plug to controller. Be careful cutting the battery connector. Cut a single wire and attach new connector one at a time, so you don't have a short. Be careful not to touch the bare wires together! What size/model battery...
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    Bms clarity

    100% correct.
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    26x2 Tire advice

    Thanks for the link! Even with massive shipping costs that was the cheapest way. Appreciate the thoughts all.
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    26x2 Tire advice

    Interesting! Thanks for the input. I deal with broken glass, metal wires, construction debris… it’s a lot of messy roads out here.
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    26x2 Tire advice

    Hey all, I've searched but the terms are too common to really find good results. I have a DIY commuter from an old steel 26 bike and an Amazon hub kit. I love it. I have gotten 3 flats from road hazards, and in my very infrastructure unfriendly area there isn't a good way to avoid encountering...
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    New 12s3p packs, 44V 15Ah, Samsung 50E 2170 cells $375 ea (15 available)

    While I would love the cells, that's $10 per cell and I can get the same brand new cells for under $5. The finished pack is nice, but a weird voltage for most users. Good luck! Where are these shipping from?
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    kWeld - "Next level" DIY battery spot welder

    Sorry you were disappointed. For the price and results, I am extremely pleased. Have been able to spot weld the nickel copper sandwich well, and much more reliable than the amazon/Ali option I had wasted money on before.
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    My "Mark 2" solar trailer

    Very interesting and cool! Any thoughts to add some aerodynamic elements to reduce drag? That would seem to be almost as important as weight reduction.
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Totally fine. Came off at a stop sign. Lucky. I will add torque arms, but I’ve realized the dropouts were too tight for the slotted 14mm axle.
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Well, that didn't last long. After 25 miles, we discover the corrosion on this bike is deeper than it seems, and apparently it may have been too tight of a fit in the dropouts.
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Time for an update, pics later once I've tidied up. For anyone using the JAUOPAY 36V 750W kit from Amazon and trying to do your own wiring, this will be helpful info. The brown and yellow wires are the power switch. You can short them together, or attach your own switch. The white wire is what...
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    "Copper/nickel sandwich" buses for series connections

    Sorry to ask more in here, as there may be a more appropriate thread for this I didn't find. Anyone use or have thoughts on these pre-made copper nickel strips? They claim 20A rating. I took a leap...
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    Revived battery pack

    I’ve had fine experiences with high-power cells being brought back and working normally. That said, technically there is an elevated risk now. Is the headlight wired directly to the battery, bypassing the BMS?
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    Found a used 52v 21Ah Biktrix pack, it's been in storage without a top-up since August 2021...

    Should be just fine. May have lost a bit of capacity, likely around 5%. I can't find 52V 21Ah on a web search, I can find 48V 21Ah, or 52V 17.5Ah. How certain are you this person is truthful and the pack isn't abused? I'd go for it, but I would be pricing the raw cells more than the pack. There...
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    Lightly used 36v 27.9aH 1004wH battery - $195

    How do these max at 44V when the cells max at 4.25?
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Sad info on the people, have always enjoyed the thorough posts. Appreciate the assistance again!
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Correct. I have hooked throttle back up directly to controller for now to ride, but will look at following the diagram above and wiring through the CA this weekend. Question: on the diagram from the manual it lists the throttle wire with a resistor added exiting the controller going to a...
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Thanks! I had been looking and somehow missed this. I’ll try again. Part of issue is throttle is connected with 2 other components. I’ll sell local, but hesitate on shipping cells…
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    Correct! Issue is, 3 wires on my CA, and the controller has 6 wires (battery level, on/off, throttle). I opened it and thought I had it figured, but no dice yet! I got the CA to register throttle input, but couldn’t get the controller happy with pass through yet.
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    I'm new and have very limited experience (only 3 E-bikes ever ridden, and only mine more than 2 short rides). That said, I get 48kph out of 1000W. This is a 26 wheel, total load just over 300LBS. Tires are 2 inch knobby. My experience with golf carts and other electric motors is that...
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    Need 36v batt. Recommended vendors please.

    See if you can find some cheap lawn tool batteries! Ryobi 40V work great, and there are several adaptors on Amazon. You can also use Kobalt or Greenworks 40V. Pretty much any of them will give you enough power.
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    Thoughts from a new convert

    I started down this path a few months ago because I had been harvesting lithium packs from recycling as I was building an 18650 power wall. I didn’t like not using these high current cells for such a plebeian task, and I learned how to fix many of the Ryobi 40V packs. I gave some away, sold...
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    New Lifepo4 105ah load test readouts

    Due to the voltage drop, it’s only like 55 watts. IF he had better lugs he may have had more current and had issues.