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    finally springtime 15k maintance

    it finally stopped snowing here in lowa and just had to do some maintance on my ebikes my main commuter bike (15k plus ebike miles) had 1 bad group of cells out of a 16s6p 18650 pak wish i had built it for easier repair lol 1 cell out of the group of six bit the dust replaced with 6 of my extra...
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    Topic number 40,000

    i have kept my ebikes running for the last 3 yrs 15000 miles of smiles thank you endless sphere best website i ever found
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    Survey for U.S. E-bikers

    i enjoyed it thx for the link
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    awesome cardboard bike

    this guy has talent
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    Corporate Britain And The Police

    i will vote (caucus) and many others like me ron paul will win in iowa
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    Occuply The Green Scene?!?!?!!

    maybe its time for some music\ just a few of my...
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    Corporate Britain And The Police

    glad i had access to at least see it even if not on youtube thx for the link sad state of affairs goverments around the world are too big to have money to waste on this type of undercover work i can hope this guy can start to have a normal life again lol ill bet the condition of things in the...
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    Charging up the dog..

    now thats funny
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    First Timer E-biker

    first i have heard of that might be interesting currie hubs i would like to know more maybe i jumped in too soon
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    Zero to 80 Percent in 15 minutes: New Benchmark for EV Fast-

    damm you guys in cr are up on the cool stuff fast
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    Homemade Battery Packs

    the tinned copped braid looks like it can take some amps keep your tire pressure gauge outta there
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    Oregon - No ebiking with suspended drivers license?

    i think a key factor may have been a missing pedal besides an additude problem with the cops there is a very slight diferance in the laws in oregon and here in iowa Iowa Laws Pertaining to Bicycles 321.1(40)(c) Definitions – Bicycle c. "Bicycle" means either of the following: (1) A device...
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    damm i wish
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    Got Pulled over today !!!

    oh come on he just needed some donuts with extra sprinkles
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    busted again

    the cfl route just looks like it would break too easily i would actually like to use the relector mounting location above the front wheel but the zefal light looks more like the route i will take handle bar space is limited so using 2 of them is out but atleast a light any light would keep the...
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    busted again

    cops ebikes donuts lets just all get along
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    busted again

    i actually thought this thread would lead to some suggestions for cheap lighting options and i ride the same route just because of the street lights most days i never see anyone moving at all when i am heading to work and btw its been almost two months since i put any gas in my car and i love...
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    busted again

    you guys post some funny stuff this is a small town in iowa we all kinda know each other i dont think ill hit the 88 mph back to the future speed like some ppl here they let me play alittle bit
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    busted again

    it was 415 am and i was on my way to work ear buds in and my mp3 player cranked up i never saw the local cop but ... he said i was speeding , ran two stop signs and was i trying to lose him i didnt notice him for over 6 blocks i guess opps i rarely slow down for corners i told him i was just on...
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    AmpedBikes a good choice?

    i have alot of popo problems around here 36 v would solve most of them but i love my amped rear geared ebike at 48v (57.8 hoc) 18-19 mph vs 23-24 and more many miles and smiles over a year and hundreds of recharges other than a few flats its been perfect totally recomendable company i was...
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    Re: The Future Of TV - Clearer, A Lot Clearer

    netflix hogs 30 percent of net traffic during peak times now if all of those users where to upgrade now there would be no bandwidth left
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    18650 Li-ion at $145 per KiloWatt Hour!

    my used 18650s deliver just under 5 ah in a 6p16s based on recharge ah they are used cells and i have over 500 cycles (maybe 60% dod) on them they are what they are at lower c rates they might test better i know i bought used cells but they still give me a good 10 miles plus range with no...
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    Endless-sphere Timeline.

    es = priceless thought i picked up a new hobby somthing to play with daily after reading a hugh number of posts bought a few ebike kits damm i at least thought i would need to repair something daily just to have something to do other than recharge es helped me get to the next stage not just...
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    New York State Senate Bill S1357 (Definition of ebike)

    hmm so what does the bill really mean at least 16 yrs old a helmet (most are worthless) 1000w max 20 mph top speed no passengers (tow behinds?) brake cutoffs well it would be nice to see speed limits as posted for all vehicles maybe i didnt read it correctly is there any reason this should be...
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    emp proof ebike?

    so if i can make a faraday cage for a few items what would need to be speed control charger would hall sensors get fried solar cells ? btw i think i can make my own hat